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Mono Esi / Μόνο εσύ - Zane
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Μουσική / Music: ζειν / Zane
Στίχοι / Lyrics: Ρένα Καμάρη / Rena Kamari

Produced, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Zane.
Lead electric guitar: Albert Chambers
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass: Zane
All programming and instruments: Zane
Special thanks to Peter Christopoulos


Γυναίκα / Woman: Σαμπρίνα Kaμπίλιι / Sabrina Campilii

Σκηνοθεσία / Directed by: ζειν / Zane

βίντεο μοντάζ / Video edit: ζειν / Zane

Produced by Zane

1st Assistant Director: Nick Bitzas

Camera Operator: Nick Bitzas. Zane.

Special thanks to Paul Gray

Additional Credits Footage: Videoblocks Additional Footage: Mitch Martinez

© 2018 Zanemusic/SilverTan 
Με την επιφύλαξη παντός δικαιώματος. / All Rights Reserved.

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