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With his first guitar lesson at the age

of ten, Zane knew that music would

be his passion.




He put his first band together in high school to perform at the school's yearly talent show. "That was a terrible performance," says Zane laughingly, adding, "but we had a great time doing it." One thing he knew for sure was that he would continue with his love for music.


When asked about what inspires him to write a song he says, "Life. Every event in your life, good or bad, can be made into a song. Learning how to tap into the right emotions about that event is what will make it a better song."


In March 2005, Zane began recording his debut CD titled 'Stages' with producer Albert Chambers (Moist, David Usher, Simple Plan). To compliment the album, two music videos were released for the songs, ‘Lost’ and ‘A Story’.


After much traveling, personal and promotional, and frequent collaborations with other songwriters, October 2008 saw Zane return to studio, again with producer Albert Chambers, to begin recording his second album titled, “Wheels of Time”. “When working with Albi, I found that you just can’t match the energy, laughs, and creativity anywhere”, says Zane about Albert Chambers who also co-wrote the new album.


Aside from enjoying radio and club play in Europe, Canada and the U.S., Zane has performed in festivals in US, Europe, and Africa. He frequently produces, co-writes and collaborates with other artists which is one of his biggest passions.  His music is licensed by renowned fashion companies, film productions, and  major television networks in the United States. In his spare time, he writes musical scores for documentaries and short films. He is also a video editor and photographer and currently divides his time between Europe, Africa and Canada.


Zane's musical influences, among others, range from the originally haunting and melodic sounds of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, U2, Queen, and The Beatles to the great storytelling lyrics of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Leonard Cohen, and Morrissey. Some other artists that can be heard on Zane’s MP3 player are Muse, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Johnny Cash, Manu Chao, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Goran Bregovic, Soundgarden, Robi Draco Rosa and Gotan Project.


His music can be described as rock/contemporary rock with moody melodic arrangements.

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