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Life Seems So Real - Zane
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"Life Seems So Real" - A song about our fleeting time.


Embrace every moment with everybody you love now because one day all of them will be gone. Remind them you love them. Let go the small stuff. Overcome the big stuff. cherish the good times, even the bad, and hold on to both those memories. Make a small difference in someone's life. It's big for them. Smile more. Cry often. Drink regularly. Dance. Travel. Meet new people. Learn new things. Scare yourself. Compliment a stranger. Help a friend. Kiss somebody. Forgive. Never forget. Don't go where you're not appreciated. Leave when you're no longer wanted. Above all else, be grateful and keep moving forward being the happiest you possibly can. We are all running to the same finish line.



Life Seems So Real

Written and performed by Zane.

Produced, recorded, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Zane.

Programming and all instruments by Zane.



Video edit by Zane.

Photo of Zane by Nick Bitzas.

Archival footage supplied by Internet Archive (at in association with Prelinger Archives.

© 2018 Zanemusic/SilverTan. All Rights Reserved.

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